The Cannabis world is changing and The Mother Hustler wants to show other hard working parents that a glass of wine at the end of the night isn't your only option. There are safe and responsible ways to include Cannabis in your everyday life and The Mother Hustler is here to show you how! Let the joints roll and the dabs be low temp, CHEERS!



Almost 8 years ago I moved from the East Coast to the Wild Wild West and I have never looked back! Something about the opened minded living in So.Cal made me feel free to be who I always wanted to be. I wasn't the only one who felt that way, my 7th grade sweetheart ended up moving West a few short years after me. We are now the proud & obsessed parents of two little men. We wake up everyday excited to see life through their eyes. We love showing them how great the world is and how they are in charge of their own success! All while learning about the different walks of life, different types of people, different beliefs and so much more! Open minded living makes the world a better place! 



I am NOT a doctor.

Repeat - I am not a doctor and because of this none of The Mother Hustler's original content is any kind of medical advice. The original content on this website is meant to be a public space for The Mother Hustler to express her personal experiences within the cannabis world. Even if you have similar situations/symptoms to The Mother Hustler you still MUST reference a medical or cannabis professional for cannabis dosing and specific instructions. 

The Mother Hustler has a combination of original and curated content. Any of the curated content on this website has been properly cited on the same page. The Mother Hustler can't thank you all enough for allowing me the honor of promoting your excellent information! 


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